Everyone is welcome to join us nightly on CCEN. The only "requirement" is that you enjoy our company and are willing to be of service when called upon. Come join the fun!

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Meet and Greet at Cagney's Kitchen in Midway, NC on Saturday, June 29, 2024 beginning 1:00 PM.  The location is 11464 Old U.S. Hwy 52, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 .  

 WB4TM and KJ6RJU - Tom and Carolyn   (May 28, 2021)

From left to right: Fred, Carolyn, Tom, Delores and James (May 28, 2021)

From left to right: WV2OBX Ramona W8OBX Jerry AF4CJ Fred KJ4SHO James and KF4FMI Delores May 21, 2021

By AF4CJ Fred on June 27, 2020:

WB2KZI Lincoln as a young sailor in WW2. WB2PHA B J & Ava the dog. The last picture is WB2KZI & James KJ4SHO. Now Lincoln is a young 96.

Ed K3JKQ, Buddy KM4JCP, Fred AF4CJ, James KJ4SHO,
 Phil N4PLC, Allan N3JEI, Randy KA4SQN, Chris N4TOK

Click to view the pictures taken at the 2018 Christmas Party


2016 CCEN Christmas Party - Saturday 03DEC - Milton's Pizza (Six Forks) - Raleigh NC
New venue and many new faces! 26 in attendance.
Chris N4TOK and Allan N3JEI

Glenn WB4VEJ and his XYL Patsy. To Patsy's right are David KR4OE, Adeania XYL-KR4OE, Belle KG4NEQ (red sweater), Raymond KG4CPM

David KR4OE and his XYL Adeania

Buddy KM4JCP and his XYL Linda

Glenn WB4VEJ and his XYL Patsy.
James KJ4SHO...maker of fine chocolate cakes

John W4CC, Bryan K4IOA, and Ronda W4RGF

Sally (XYL K4AYZ) in foreground

Fred AF4CJ and Delores KF4FMI

2015 Al Parker Award properly awarded to Glenn WB4VEJ this year. Now you know why we pestered you about attending the party last year!
Wayne KB3KCJ awards the 2016 Al Parker Award to Chris N4TOK. For the first time in recent history, both our Net Manager and the APA recipient were present at the party!
Thanks to Ed K3JKQ for taking all of the pictures AND for doing the legwork to get the Al Parker Award made!

Christmas Party 2015 Pix by KR4OE

Arr! Pirate's Christmas booty!

Ronda W4RGF and Adeania KR4OE-XYL

Jim K4AYZ, Ray W1REB, Ollie W1ORB, Sally K4AYZ-XYL

Sally K4AYZ-XYL, Belle KG4NEQ, Raymond KG4CPM. Great to have Belle and Raymond here this year!

A year late, but K4IOA awards the 2014 Al Parker Award to Alan N3JEI

Ollie W1ORB, Ray W1REB, Jim K4AYZ

Something had Fred AF4CJ and Delores KF4FMI tickled!.....................

......this was probably the cause......K4AYZ steals the peanuts from K4IOA. But all is fair and fun in a Pirate's Christmas!
Ray W1REB and Jim K4AY......Z

Wayne KB3KCJ live from Indiana via Skype

Providing Communications in the Event of An Emergency

Providing Communications in the Event of An Emergency
Beaufort During Hurricane Hazel 1954 (Intersection of Turner & Front Streets. Gulf station is now FINZ. Brick bldg on right is the drug store)


As Net Manager I appreciate all of the hard work by the Net Control Stations and other volunteers that make CCEN what it is today.
If there are any issues with net operations, please take them up directly with me (off the air) and not with one of the net control stations.



KB3KCJ- Wayne, Net Manager kb3kcj@comcast.net

AF4CJ - Fred
K4IOA - Bryan - Webmaster
WB4VEJ - Glen
K4ATH - Aubrey
KF4GNJ - Jim

KC4Z - Scott - Sec./Treasurer scott4au@bellsouth.net

CCEN Fellowship

CCEN Fellowship
Many members have been friends for years

Net Procedures

  • Net begins at 7 PM each night on (or near) 3907kc.and runs about an hour
  • Net Control will control all net operations. Net Control's decision is final.
  • Any member may open the net during times of emergency
  • Visitors are always welcome.
  • Only INFORMAL and HEALTH AND WELFARE traffic will be handled. We are NOT A FORMAL TRAFFIC NET. If a net member is willing to pick up traffic, fine. If not, there are nets that specialize in traffic handling
  • Language and comments should be something a young child could hear. Comments may be about what you like but consider others.
  • Be willing to fill in and be a net controller if one of the regulars is absent.
  • Comments or suggestions for net improvement should be done by contacting the Net Manager directly by phone or email. This discussion shall not take place on the air.

CCEN 55th Birthday Party Fish Fry Group Photo

CCEN 55th Birthday Party Fish Fry Group Photo
October 24, 2009